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JP-2001111080-A: 半導体素子の製造方法 patent, JP-2001111259-A: Three-dimensional circuit body and formation method therefor patent, JP-2001112371-A: Float patent, JP-2001112448-A: 嗜好食品及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2001112480-A: Method for detecting nucleic acid derived from cryptosporidium parvum patent, JP-2001112652-A: 膝スイッチ patent, JP-2001113048-A: ゲーム機用操作装置 patent, JP-2001113240-A: Method for preventing diffusion of toxic substance generated from waste disposal site patent, JP-2001113285-A: Calcium removing apparatus patent, JP-2001113398-A: プレスヘッド装置 patent, JP-2001115321-A: Interlining for clothing patent, JP-2001116044-A: Direct acting guide mechanism patent, JP-2001116506-A: Sheet material thickness detecting apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, JP-2001117049-A: 立体観察装置および電子画像表示装置 patent, JP-2001117363-A: Method for preventing soil by toner splashed from developing device patent, JP-2001117733-A: Network printing system patent, JP-2001118044-A: Pcカード patent, JP-2001118290-A: 光学ディスク及び光学ディスク装置 patent, JP-2001118327-A: Information recording medium, information recorder- reproducer and information recording and reproducing method patent, JP-2001119228-A: Antenna device patent, JP-2001120471-A: 電気掃除機 patent, JP-2001120478-A: 電気掃除機 patent, JP-2001120661-A: ガス含量を決定する方法 patent, JP-2001121760-A: Recorder patent, JP-2001122192-A: Bearing cooling device for water jet propulsion machine patent, JP-2001122561-A: エレベーターの制御装置 patent, JP-2001122882-A: ビタミンd類似化合物の製造方法 patent, JP-2001123234-A: Manufacturing method of metal-ceramic composite material patent, JP-2001124159-A: Chain tensioner patent, JP-2001125855-A: Dynamic web page generation program patent, JP-2001126416-A: Disk reproducing device patent, JP-2001126676-A: Halogen incandescent lamp and method of fabricating it patent, JP-2001127417-A: 配線基板及び半導体素子の実装方法 patent, JP-2001127740-A: 双方向信号伝送システム patent, JP-2001127764-A: Congestion notice method and node device patent, JP-2001128123-A: Method and device for recording digital signal patent, JP-2001129351-A: Exhaust gas treatment apparatus and method for operating the same patent, JP-2001130235-A: Air conditioner for automobile patent, JP-2001130441-A: サスペンションメンバー patent, JP-2001130994-A: Production of crystal thin film patent, JP-2001131081-A: Eraser of superoxide and drink patent, JP-2001131178-A: Metal complex having large lattice structure and production thereof patent, JP-2001131484-A: Article having releasable surface layer, releasable surface layer-forming material, method for releasing and removing surface layer from article, and article having removed surface layer therefrom patent, JP-2001132414-A: Rocker arm of plate metal patent, JP-2001132583-A: Manufacturing method for fuel injection valve patent, JP-2001133060-A: Heat recovery system for batch plant patent, JP-2001133137-A: 氷水冷却機の棚ラック patent, JP-2001133222-A: 3次元位置計測装置及び方法並びに3次元位置計測プログラムを記録した記録媒体 patent, JP-2001135168-A: Production of metal wiring patent, JP-2001135408-A: コネクタ patent, JP-2001135447-A: Apparatus for mounting press-fitted terminal for electric wire patent, JP-2001136873-A: Spinning reel patent, JP-2001137088-A: Card holder for goods display hook patent, JP-2001137163-A: Extension tube for backflow type vacuum cleaner patent, JP-2001137301-A: 遺体冷却装置 patent, JP-2001137771-A: 液剤の施工方法 patent, JP-2001138084-A: Device and method for adjusting position of attaching optical fiber patent, JP-2001138424-A: 積層不織布およびその用途 patent, JP-2001138544-A: インクジェット記録装置 patent, JP-2001138569-A: Digital optical printer and method for determining luminance correction coefficient for digital optical printer patent, JP-2001139429-A: 毛髪化粧料 patent, JP-2001140012-A: Method for estimating vacuum decarburization in molten steel patent, JP-2001140286-A: 建設機械の監視カメラシステム patent, JP-2001141342-A: 自動製氷機の駆動装置および自動製氷機ならびに冷蔵庫 patent, JP-2001142811-A: System and method for managing network patent, JP-2001143064-A: Image-processing method and recording medium patent, JP-2001143331-A: Master disk for optical disk and method for manufacturing master stamper patent, JP-2001144379-A: 半導体レーザ装置及びそれを用いた光通信装置 patent, JP-2001145244-A: 配索済みワイヤハーネス巻取方法および巻取装置 patent, JP-2001145869-A: Method for treating garbage and product of method patent, JP-2001146341-A: Transfer jam sensor of wet electrophotogrphic color printer patent, JP-2001146630-A: Fine powder produced by crushing ultrafine synthetic fiber patent, JP-2001147444-A: 積層型液晶素子 patent, JP-2001147545-A: Transfer paper common to full-color electrophotography and ink jet patent, JP-2001147848-A: Device and method for processing information and computer readable memory patent, JP-2001148093-A: 信号機 patent, JP-2001148716-A: ポイント・マルチポイント帯域共用システムおよびその帯域要求方法 patent, JP-2001150034-A: 曲げ加工装置 patent, JP-2001150547-A: 樹脂製パイプ及びその成形方法 patent, JP-2001150599-A: Laminated body and coating composition patent, JP-2001150868-A: Mechanical pencil patent, JP-2001151120-A: Structure for sealing tie-rod mounting portion of center take-off power steering device patent, JP-2001151537-A: 表面が砂目加工された石英物品及び該物品の洗浄方法 patent, JP-2001151921-A: 長尺の棒状弾性発泡体の製造方法 patent, JP-2001152671-A: Lifting/conveying method for long member and lifting/ conveying device patent, JP-2001153064-A: 往復動ポンプ patent, JP-2001153136-A: Method of manufacturing spherical sliding bearing patent, JP-2001153410-A: 空気調和機 patent, JP-2001154559-A: Image forming device patent, JP-2001154956-A: Inter-port interlocking method patent, JP-2001155208-A: 光学式読取装置 patent, JP-2001155722-A: 密閉形鉛蓄電池およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2001155766-A: Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary cell patent, JP-2001156611-A: 誘導性負荷駆動回路 patent, JP-2001157193-A: Broadcasting data transmitting/receiving device, broadcasting data receiver and broadcasting data transmitting/receiving method patent, JP-2001157264-A: Wireless communication terminal and automatic function setting method used for it patent, JP-2001157684-A: Revolving system of ionizable gas coagulating device patent, JP-2001157932-A: Device for inserting shaft into plate member patent, JP-2001158186-A: クリップ patent, JP-2001158298-A: Cover for luggage room patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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