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JP-2000280154-A: Corner grinding method and grinder under consideration of shoulder r of grinding wheel patent, JP-2000280863-A: Seat position movement control device patent, JP-2000281458-A: カーボン接合体およびその形成方法 patent, JP-2000282156-A: ハードディスクドライブサスペンション用銅合金箔 patent, JP-2000282165-A: Lithium-containing magnesium alloy, and crucible for its smelting patent, JP-2000282284-A: Electrolytic tank patent, JP-2000282531-A: Plate for pipe patent, JP-2000283807-A: Fluidic element patent, JP-2000284748-A: Driving device for alternating-current type plasma display panel and alternating-current type plasma display device patent, JP-2000285042-A: Image communication device and method for communicating electronic mail patent, JP-2000285496-A: Optical disk device patent, JP-2000286045-A: セラミックヒーター patent, JP-2000286507-A: Semiconductor laser element and manufacture thereof patent, JP-2000286510-A: Shape-punching structure of flexible circuit board patent, JP-2000286833-A: 通信システムおよび通信方法 patent, JP-2000287323-A: メッセンジャーワイヤ延伸方法及びメッセンジャーワイヤ延伸装置 patent, JP-2000287599-A: Transportation/preservation of live bait, production of artificially simulated mud and sand therefor and live bait-holding container patent, JP-2000288486-A: ポストコーン清掃装置 patent, JP-2000288837-A: Electrode for discharge surface treatment and its manufacture patent, JP-2000288860-A: Automatic initial set-up apparatus of finishing machine patent, JP-2000289005-A: Method for deodorizing heat treated woody material patent, JP-2000289611-A: 鉄道車両用台車 patent, JP-2000290734-A: Pretreatment of sintering raw material patent, JP-2000291148-A: Unit building patent, JP-2000291795-A: V-pulley control mechanism of belt type continuously variable transmission patent, JP-2000292258-A: Optical-sensor driving device patent, JP-2000292710-A: 観察光学機器 patent, JP-2000292810-A: Production of matrix array substrate patent, JP-2000293559-A: Production of photomask, method for preparing plotting data and recording medium patent, JP-2000293733-A: Automatic teller machine patent, JP-2000293879-A: 光ピックアップ patent, JP-2000294941-A: Draw-out unit for electrical apparatus case patent, JP-2000295155-A: 受信装置、受信方法、送信装置、及び送信方法 patent, JP-2000295207-A: シンプレックス衛星通信におけるクロック再生装置 patent, JP-2000295263-A: Lan switch patent, JP-2000295788-A: 非常用点灯装置および非常用照明装置 patent, JP-2000295831-A: ムービングコイルユニット patent, JP-2000297481-A: エキスパンションジョイント patent, JP-2000298732-A: 三次元画像表示装置 patent, JP-2000298739-A: 自動改札機 patent, JP-2000299236-A: Internal combustion engine ignition coil patent, JP-2000299347-A: Bonding tool patent, JP-2000299511-A: 圧電アクチュエータ及びこれを用いたインクジェットヘッド patent, JP-2000299666-A: Device and method for channel check test patent, JP-2000299808-A: 電子カメラ patent, JP-2000300203-A: Processed okra and its production patent, JP-2000301285-A: 難加工性鋼材料の鍛伸加工方法およびその方法に使用する装置 patent, JP-2000303309-A: 伸縮性布帛及び伸縮性糸 patent, JP-2000303393-A: 複合硬化体および複合建築材料 patent, JP-2000304223-A: 廃棄物溶融炉の副資材投入装置 patent, JP-2000304447-A: 穀粒乾燥装置における繰出装置 patent, JP-2000305442-A: Method of adjusting angle of visibility of hologram patent, JP-2000308969-A: 金属部品の高強度化装置 patent, JP-2000309189-A: 筆記具の尾栓 patent, JP-2000309249-A: シートベルトリトラクタ patent, JP-2000310381-A: 配管用クイックコネクタ patent, JP-2000310780-A: 液晶フィルムの製造方法、液晶フィルム及び光学素子 patent, JP-2000310910-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-2000311928-A: Judgment method for nitrogen concentration in gate oxide film patent, JP-2000312292-A: Medium recorded with image data generation program, image data generating device and image data generating method patent, JP-2000312360-A: 情報提供装置 patent, JP-2000312703-A: 安全装置付超音波治療器 patent, JP-2000313887-A: 廃プラスチック処理装置 patent, JP-2000313949-A: 鉄合金部品の表面硬化処理方法 patent, JP-2000314283-A: 横型ブラインドのスラット角度調節装置 patent, JP-2000314536-A: Floor heater unit and heating structure of room using floor heater unit patent, JP-2000314662-A: Fourier spectroscope patent, JP-2000314918-A: Mirror unit, camera and combination thereof patent, JP-2000315061-A: マトリクスアレイ基板 patent, JP-2000315139-A: Low-interference type touch panel device patent, JP-2000316177-A: 複数種類のメール機能を備えた装置におけるメモリ配分方法 patent, JP-2000316387-A: 吊り具 patent, JP-2000316584-A: カタラーゼ遺伝子 patent, JP-2000317508-A: 圧延用ロール表面の加工方法 patent, JP-2000317715-A: Shearing machine patent, JP-2000317824-A: Polishing device equipped with attitude control device for turntable system patent, JP-2000317931-A: コンクリートまたは樹脂等の固化体内部へのrfidデータキャリア設置治具とrfidデータキャリア設置方法 patent, JP-2000318021-A: Production of infusion bottle and preform for infusion patent, JP-2000318959-A: エレベータのドア駆動装置 patent, JP-2000320502-A: Control valve body patent, JP-2000320811-A: Continuous self-combustion method for organic refuse patent, JP-2000321209-A: Gas sensor element for nitrogen oxide and nitrogen oxide detecting method patent, JP-2000321425-A: Polarized light separating element and projection type display device patent, JP-2000322363-A: Remote controlled computer system and its operating method patent, JP-2000322895-A: 不揮発性半導体記憶装置 patent, JP-2000323255-A: Manufacture of insert connector patent, JP-2000323878-A: Cooling structure of electronic equipment patent, JP-2000324042-A: Diagnostic device for onboard telephone patent, JP-2000324296-A: Facsimile equipment, method for controlling facsimile equipment and computer-readable recording medium with control program of facsimile equipment stored therein patent, JP-2000325619-A: パチンコ遊技機の払出球検出装置 patent, JP-2000325645-A: Game medal dispenser patent, JP-2000327190-A: Image forming device patent, JP-2000327349-A: Method for bending crystallized glass plate patent, JP-2000327739-A: Production of silane-modified polyurethane patent, JP-2000328977-A: 作業用車両 patent, JP-2000329066-A: ピストン式圧縮機における吸入弁構造 patent, JP-2000329365-A: 脱臭素子、脱臭装置およびこれを備えた冷凍サイクル patent, JP-2000329377-A: Heat source side unit for air conditioner patent, JP-2000329841-A: レーダ装置 patent, JP-2000330083-A: Light source device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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