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GB-185145-A: Improvements in internal combustion engines patent, GB-185492-A: Improvements relating to refuse destructor furnaces patent, GB-186617-A: Improved alumino-thermic heating cartridges patent, GB-186909-A: Improvements in or relating to methods of building boats, ships, and other water craft patent, GB-187040-A: Improvements in electric indicating and testing apparatus patent, GB-187992-A: patent, GB-188377-A: Improvements in percussion fuses for projectiles patent, GB-188609-A: Improvements in pump spindles patent, GB-188717-A: Improvements in or relating to screw propellers and axial flow impellers patent, GB-189135-A: Improvements in and relating to electron discharge devices and methods of operating same patent, GB-189312207-A: Improvements in Steam Engines. patent, GB-189313533-A: Safety Insulated Clip for Extracting and Replacing Electric Fuses. patent, GB-189314357-A: Improvements in Brake Apparatus for Railway and other Vehicles. patent, GB-189316055-A: Wasp and Fly Trap. patent, GB-189317527-A: Improvements in the Construction of Venetian Blinds. patent, GB-189318402-A: Improvements in or Applicable to the Construction and Action of the Swells of Power Looms. patent, GB-189318511-A: Improved Arrangements of Mechanism for Slicing Bread, Cake, and the like. patent, GB-189320280-A: An Improved Case or Holder for Garden Labels. patent, GB-189324356-A: An Improved Manufacture of Writing Pencils. patent, GB-189400287-A: Improvements in Marine Engine Governors. patent, GB-189400680-A: patent, GB-189401463-A: Improvements in Sleeve Links. patent, GB-189402500-A: Revolving Flower-bed. patent, GB-189402502-A: patent, GB-189403122-A: Improvements in Vaporizers for Petroleum Motors. patent, GB-189403175-A: An Improvement in Shirt Sleeves. patent, GB-189404211-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Friction and Smoothing Papers and Cloths, and in the Means Employed for Using the same. patent, GB-189404980-A: A New or Improved Solder for Soldering Aluminium, Aluminium Alloys, and other Metals. patent, GB-189408889-A: An Improvement in the Manufacture of Cyanides of the Alkaline Metals. patent, GB-189409386-A: A New or Improved Parlour Game. patent, GB-189409636-A: Improvements in the Lubrication of Spindle Bearings Employed in Machinery for Preparing and Spinning Fibres. patent, GB-189411820-A: Improved Window Sash Holder. patent, GB-189412572-A: Improvements relating to Optical Lanterns. patent, GB-189412979-A: Improvements in or relating to the Under-motions of Looms for Weaving. patent, GB-189414037-A: An Improved Toy. patent, GB-189414680-A: Improvements in and relating to Dredging Apparatus. patent, GB-189416400-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Generating and Applying Electricity to the Human Body. patent, GB-189416811-A: Improvements in Frames for Photographic Pictures and other Articles. patent, GB-189417742-A: Improvements in or relating to the Manufacture of Rubber Tubes. patent, GB-189418373-A: An Improved Buckle, chiefly intended for Use with the Harness of Draught Animals. patent, GB-189419241-A: Improvements in Collapsible or Folding Wardrobes or like Articles of Furniture. patent, GB-189503513-A: An Improved Process of Preserving Eggs. patent, GB-189506879-A: An Improved Method of Producing Negatives and Typographic Blocks. patent, GB-189507868-A: Improvements in Barrel Root Cutters. patent, GB-189510504-A: Improvements in Platen Printing Machines. patent, GB-189512424-A: Improvements in or connected with Bungs or Stoppers for Casks, Bottles, and other Receptacles. patent, GB-189515047-A: Improvements in Valves for Controlling Hot and Cold Water Supply to Public and other Baths and the like. patent, GB-189516059-A: Improvements in Fastening Pins for Neck Ties. patent, GB-189516756-A: Improvements in and connected with Hydraulic and Pneumatic Motors. patent, GB-189517560-A: A New Furnace-gas or Heat Motor. patent, GB-189518873-A: Improvements in Reciprocating Valves for Compound Engines. patent, GB-189519194-A: Improved Fastening and Buckle for All Kinds of Leather Strapping. patent, GB-189519388-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Translucent Coloured Screens for Photographic Purposes. patent, GB-189519416-A: Coverings for Pads of Trusses, Belts, and other Surgical Appliances. patent, GB-189519691-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Filling Bottles and other Vessels. patent, GB-189519776-A: Improved Screw Propeller. patent, GB-189521375-A: Improvements in and relating to Apparatus for Projecting Liquids under Pressure. patent, GB-189522270-A: Improvements in Mucilage Bottles. patent, GB-189522760-A: New or Improved Process for Self-binding the Edges of Leather Goods, and Appliances for Use in connection therewith. patent, GB-189522807-A: Cold Process and Apparatus for Fixing Metallic Tubes on each other. patent, GB-189523171-A: Improvements relating to the Separation of Sugar from Sacchariferous Solutions, Juices of Plants, and the like. patent, GB-189524988-A: A Combined Clip or Holder and Price Indicator for Articles of Jewellery and other Small Goods. patent, GB-189600375-A: An Improvement in Carts, Carriages, Floats, and like Road Vehicles. patent, GB-189600524-A: Improvements in Car Couplings. patent, GB-189601533-A: Improvements in Machines for Cutting or Stamping Out Leather and the like. patent, GB-189603849-A: Head and Back Support. patent, GB-189604786-A: Improvements in Bottle Washing Machines. patent, GB-189605619-A: Improvements in Hoists for Supplying Ammunition to Guns, and for other purposes. patent, GB-189606776-A: Improvements in Elevators. patent, GB-189606939-A: Improvements in Combination Pocket Knives and Forks. patent, GB-189607304-A: Improvements in Water Gauge Guards. patent, GB-189608129-A: An Improvement in Bicycle-seats. patent, GB-189610788-A: Improvements in Electric Arc Lamps. patent, GB-189611185-A: Improvements in Paging and Numbering Machines. patent, GB-189612368-A: An Improved Manufacture of Artificial Stone, Marble, and the like. patent, GB-189613506-A: Improvements in Vans or Tenders for the Conveyance of Fire Escapes, Men, Hose, and other Articles of Fire Brigade Equipment. patent, GB-189614124-A: Improved Preparations for Use as Precipitants in the Treatment of Sewage and other Polluted Water. patent, GB-189614903-A: Improvements in Attaching Reins to Vehicles to Prevent Horses Bolting. patent, GB-189615346-A: Improvements in Safety Pins and Brooch Fastenings. patent, GB-189615670-A: Improvements in Boiler Flues and Fire Boxes. patent, GB-189616671-A: Improvements in Treating Barley for Alimentary Purposes, including Brewing and Distilling. patent, GB-189617409-A: Improved Mode of Packing and Conserving Provisions. patent, GB-189618392-A: Improvements in or relating to Spring or Pneumatic Wheels for Bicycles and other Vehicles. patent, GB-189618796-A: Improvements in and relating to Clothes Hooks. patent, GB-189620382-A: Improvements in Bicycles. patent, GB-189622153-A: Improvements in Gas Stoves. patent, GB-189622887-A: Certain Improvements in the Construction of Gas Retort-settings and Regenerator Furnaces for the same. patent, GB-189623280-A: Improvements in Hoisting and Conveying Apparatus. patent, GB-189623941-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Imitation Wood Carvings, and the like, by Pressure and Apparatus therefor. patent, GB-189624782-A: A Hydraulic Apparatus for Increasing and Transmitting Applied Motive Power. patent, GB-189624857-A: Improvements in Cycle Mud Guards. patent, GB-189624967-A: Improved Method of Connecting or Joining Tubes or other Metal Articles. patent, GB-189628330-A: Improvements in Ventilating Radiators. patent, GB-189628419-A: Improvements in Friction Clutches. patent, GB-189628653-A: Improvements in Prismatic Lights. patent, GB-189640-A: Improvements in or relating to carding machines patent, GB-189701160-A: Improvements in Gas and Petroleum Engines. patent, GB-189702760-A: Improvements in Water-current Motors. patent, GB-189704951-A: An Improvement applicable to Barrel-tilters. patent, GB-189705504-A: Improvements in or connected with Rudder Fittings. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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