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GB-1546187-A: Method and apparatus for the transfer of articles patent, GB-1546707-A: Plant withtube turbine or tube pump patent, GB-1546965-A: Pharmaceutical preparations comprising lisuride and/or physiologically tolerable salts thereof patent, GB-1547011-A: Input screen of an image intensifier patent, GB-1547156-A: Bipolar separators for electrochemical cells patent, GB-1547186-A: Method and apparatus for making a one dimensional measuremement patent, GB-1547212-A: Removal of fluoride from phosphatic solutions patent, GB-1547360-A: Apparatus for indicating the sequence of alternating current signals patent, GB-1547599-A: Piston-cylinder device operable by pressure medium patent, GB-1547712-A: Screw caps for containers patent, GB-1548304-A: Wxychlorination process and reactor therefor patent, GB-1549576-A: Nuclear reactors patent, GB-1549815-A: Washing and drying device for laundry patent, GB-1550374-A: Mast and ram assembly patent, GB-1550578-A: Laser gyroscope patent, GB-1550960-A: Deodorizing adhesive seal patent, GB-1551002-A: Apparatus for counting and registering electrical pulses patent, GB-1551035-A: Derivatives of bicyclo (2,2,2)oct-3-ylmethylamine patent, GB-1551308-A: Vapour generator patent, GB-1551321-A: Marker sleeve installation apparatus patent, GB-1552478-A: Sound reproduction systems patent, GB-1553070-A: Thiourea guanidine and 1-nitro-2,2-diaminoethylene derivatives patent, GB-1553684-A: Photoconductive devices patent, GB-1553849-A: Coincidence sight patent, GB-1553959-A: Preparing hydrocarbons by the fisher-tropsch synthesis patent, GB-1553986-A: Perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic acid diimide pigments their manufacture and their use patent, GB-1554795-A: Device for measuring ink film thickness patent, GB-1554950-A: D - homo - 20 - keto -steroids and process for their manufacture patent, GB-1555615-A: Pesticide compositions patent, GB-1556443-A: Liquid level monitoring patent, GB-1556558-A: Adhesive composition comprising a methylenemalonate patent, GB-1556618-A: Fluid flow control devices patent, GB-1556621-A: Particle orientation method patent, GB-1556770-A: Apparatus for indicating the liquid level in a receptacle patent, GB-155726-A: Process of producing dye stuffs patent, GB-1557429-A: Internally groove forming apparatus for heat exchanging pipes patent, GB-155873-A: Improvements relating to miners' electric safety lamps patent, GB-1559108-A: Circuit for connection to an unmatched transmission line patent, GB-1559505-A: Electric hotplate with thermostat patent, GB-1560358-A: Motor vehicle seat having and adjustable hinge patent, GB-1561048-A: Radioactive labelled orgotein patent, GB-1561362-A: Aminoalcohols and oral compositions thereof patent, GB-1561480-A: Control apparatus patent, GB-1561672-A: Arylendedioxy-bis-diketones patent, GB-1562711-A: Brassiere patent, GB-1563755-A: Elevating device patent, GB-1564500-A: Biological preparations patent, GB-1564596-A: Sectored antenna receiving system patent, GB-1564841-A: Anti-theft helmet for the use of a driver or passenger of a two-wheeled vehicle patent, GB-1565052-A: Capacitor discharge ignition system for internal combustion engines patent, GB-1565600-A: Floating barrier for oil patent, GB-1565616-A: 4-phenylbutyric acid dervatives process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compostions containing them patent, GB-1565797-A: Signal processing circuits patent, GB-1566376-A: Roller drill patent, GB-1566498-A: Servo-controlled valve patent, GB-1566760-A: Screen wiper patent, GB-1566971-A: Apparatus for controlling the temperature of an electrically heated welding band patent, GB-1567153-A: Method of sterilizing male anthers of angiosperms patent, GB-1567652-A: Stabilised 1,1,1-trichloroethane patent, GB-1568376-A: Chain support for cables patent, GB-1568737-A: Device for tanning or dyeing patent, GB-1568752-A: Apparatus for stacking folded continuously arriving printing products especially product arriving in an imbricated product stream patent, GB-1568762-A: Cooking apparatus patent, GB-1569305-A: High pressure discharge lamp patent, GB-1570882-A: Data storage arrangement patent, GB-1571565-A: Suspension for commercial vehicles patent, GB-1571767-A: Current supply device for electric gardening appliances patent, GB-157251-A: Improvements in or relating to motor-ploughs patent, GB-1572593-A: Storage systems patent, GB-1573556-A: Automatic drying installation patent, GB-1573825-A: Slide fastener stringer with folded and bonded continuous moulded coupling element and method and apparatus for manufacture patent, GB-157491-A: patent, GB-1575351-A: Stuffing of food casings patent, GB-1575825-A: Palletizer for bundled stacks of sheets patent, GB-1576475-A: Absorbent cross-linked starch materials patent, GB-1576489-A: Vegetable and fruit-slicing utensils patent, GB-1578008-A: Hinge and leaf therefor patent, GB-1578123-A: Palladium catalysis patent, GB-1578166-A: Apparatus for electrical digital storage of graphical masters patent, GB-1579127-A: Rotary compressor patent, GB-1579388-A: Manufacture of solutions of cobalt and chromium 1:2 complex dyes which are free from sulphonic acid groups patent, GB-1579601-A: Keyhole welding or cutting patent, GB-1580044-A: Oleoresinous paint binders patent, GB-1582194-A: Pulse-charging type electric dust collecting apparatus patent, GB-1583463-A: Method and apparatus for stuffing a flowable product into a casing patent, GB-1584103-A: Method and apparatus for promoting fermentation patent, GB-1584756-A: Methods of manufacturing devices including a pattern of conductor tracks patent, GB-1584869-A: Pouring spout patent, GB-158515-A: Improvements in and relating to automatic weighing machines patent, GB-1585863-A: Pharmaceutical lactobacillus preparations patent, GB-1585903-A: Self-adhesive label patent, GB-1586289-A: Gas heating appliance patent, GB-1587190-A: Semiconductor devices and circuit arrangements including such devices patent, GB-1587763-A: Electrostatic copying patent, GB-1588817-A: Method of and apparatus for continuously forming metal strips patent, GB-1589307-A: Centrifugal fans patent, GB-1589857-A: Manufacture of light olefins patent, GB-1590692-A: Electrically heated nozzle and method of making the same patent, GB-1590901-A: Azabicyclohexanes methods of preparation thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing same patent, GB-1590963-A: Manufacture of hydrocarbon oil by hydrocracking of coal patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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