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GB-1461051-A: Bufatrienolide rhamnoside ethers and a process for their preparation patent, GB-1461183-A: Error detector for pseudo-random sequence of digits patent, GB-1461716-A: Method for manoueuvering the driving unit of a tracked vehicle patent, GB-1461840-A: Preparation of polymers patent, GB-1462274-A: Bearings method of making a multiplicity of multiple-device semiconductor modules and articles so produced patent, GB-1462906-A: Adapter patent, GB-1463167-A: Towing assemblies patent, GB-146352-A: Improved apparatus for guiding the fire gases in the smoke boxes of locomotives provided with fire tube superheaters patent, GB-1463576-A: Blend of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer chlorinated polyethylene and additional polyethylene patent, GB-1464350-A: Piezo-electric analogue store patent, GB-1464616-A: Encapsulation process patent, GB-1464687-A: Connections for semiconductor components patent, GB-1465079-A: Vehicle control system patent, GB-1465234-A: Production of triggering pulses during variable-duration periodic movement sequences patent, GB-1465717-A: Sawing of semiconductor wafers from a rod patent, GB-1466526-A: Plant for chromizing metal articles patent, GB-1466837-A: Radial piston machine patent, GB-1466898-A: Copying apparatus patent, GB-1466963-A: Millimeter wave pumped parametric amplifier patent, GB-1467241-A: Tool holders and jigs primarily for use by wood-workers patent, GB-1468027-A: Electronic processing apparatus patent, GB-1468593-A: Heat-curable pulverulent coating composition patent, GB-1468866-A: patent, GB-1469889-A: Apex seal for a rotary internal combustion engine patent, GB-1470361-A: Process and apparatus for adsorption filtering of liquids peutic compositions containing same patent, GB-1470803-A: 4h-s-triazolo-4,3-a 1,5-benzodiazepin-5-ones patent, GB-147107-A: Improvements in finders for photographic apparatus patent, GB-1472414-A: Epicyclic gears patent, GB-147283-A: Improvements in or relating to rotary pumps patent, GB-1473001-A: Printing machines patent, GB-1473065-A: Water spraying apparatus patent, GB-1474656-A: Double pass linear accelerator operating in a standing wave mode patent, GB-1475145-A: Gaseous or liquid fuel burners patent, GB-1475483-A: Ceramic to metal seal patent, GB-1476096-A: Apparatus for applying treatment medium to slides such as slides carrying smears patent, GB-1476389-A: Lubricants for use with aluminium and aluminium alloys in the cold patent, GB-1476454-A: Solder baths patent, GB-1476864-A: Abrasive grinding wheel arrangements patent, GB-147705-A: Improvements in screw and like propellers patent, GB-1477685-A: Electrical circuit devices patent, GB-1478318-A: Monochromatic x-ray generator patent, GB-1478363-A: Data transmission systems patent, GB-1478402-A: Cathode-ray tube comprising strontium metal getter films and method of preparation patent, GB-1478565-A: Cyclohexenyl and cyclohexadienyl butanols their acetate esters and use thereof for organoleptic purposes patent, GB-1478929-A: Rack and pinion mechanism patent, GB-1479477-A: High-fidelity moving-coil loudspeaker patent, GB-147969-A: Improvements in microscopes and photo-micrographic apparatus patent, GB-147980-A: Improvements in the ground-ropes of trawl nets patent, GB-1479846-A: Shiftable change speed gear patent, GB-1479940-A: Pneumatic to hydraulic converter for hydraulically actuated friction brakes patent, GB-1480969-A: Retractable door stop patent, GB-1481271-A: Adhesively supported sanitary napkins patent, GB-1481825-A: Automatic telephone exchange patent, GB-1482091-A: Fire retardant unsaturated polyesters patent, GB-1482464-A: Electric resistance heaters patent, GB-1482650-A: Preparation of trifluoromethylbenzene compounds patent, GB-1483536-A: Method of forming explosive powder into composite solid blocks patent, GB-1483566-A: Sealing arrangements for high pressure vessels patent, GB-1484642-A: Method of removing toxic substances from the dialysis liquid in a recirculating dialysis system patent, GB-1484818-A: Fluid-driven collapsible tube type feeding device patent, GB-148485-A: Improvements in and relating to superheaters for steam boilers patent, GB-1486855-A: Filing device for papers patent, GB-1487156-A: Bi-metallic casting patent, GB-1488080-A: Magenta-forming couplers and their use in photography patent, GB-148952-A: Improvements in inductances patent, GB-1489686-A: Ignition distributors for internal combustion machines patent, GB-1490254-A: Container having a hanger patent, GB-1491445-A: Catalyst bodies and methods of manufacturing such bodies patent, GB-1491641-A: Heterocyclic polynuclear pigments and process for their preparation patent, GB-149164-A: Improvements in or relating to safety fire devices for the operating rooms of kinematograph theatres and the like patent, GB-1491757-A: Cleaning electrostatographic surfaces patent, GB-1492817-A: Marine platform patent, GB-149348-A: Alternating current meter patent, GB-1493495-A: Method of operating a direct-current transmission system patent, GB-1493875-A: Electrical system including dynamoelectric machine operable as starter/generator patent, GB-1493901-A: Multi-spindle nut tapping machine patent, GB-1494262-A: Paper fibre treatment method patent, GB-1494577-A: Combined encoder-decoder apparatus having an active filte patent, GB-1494701-A: Variable attenuation equalizers patent, GB-1495148-A: Switch-condition-transmitting device patent, GB-1495566-A: Readout apparatus for frequency or periodanalogue measuring signals patent, GB-1496390-A: Device for electrically insulating a railway rail from parts securing it patent, GB-1496499-A: Device for controlling the passage of light patent, GB-1496906-A: Workable nickel material and the production thereof patent, GB-149718-A: Improvements in vehicle suspensions patent, GB-1497836-A: Stabilized steroid formulations patent, GB-1498006-A: Container drums patent, GB-1498037-A: Non-woven fabrics patent, GB-1499112-A: Road vehicles patent, GB-1499482-A: Automatic control system for a textile tenter frame apparatus patent, GB-1499703-A: Means and method for inducing uniform parallel alignment of liquid crystal material in a liquid crystal cell patent, GB-1500173-A: Cleaning and drying plant patent, GB-1500221-A: Process for securing support frames in underground galleries patent, GB-1500250-A: Potato sticks patent, GB-1500464-A: Applying reagent to molecular separation media and device therefor patent, GB-1500725-A: Resilient platforms for seating patent, GB-1500945-A: Dialysis apparatus patent, GB-1501571-A: Removal of malodorants from oxygen-containing gas patent, GB-1501630-A: Radar installations patent, GB-1502236-A: Phenoxyalkylcarboxylic acid derivatives patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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