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GB-1042862-A: Improvements in or relating to vapour deposition apparatus for making cryogenic switching devices patent, GB-1043516-A: Substituted 5,6-dihydro-6-oxo-11h-pyrido-(2,3-b) (1,4)-benzodiazepines patent, GB-1043808-A: Improvements in or relating to method and apparatus for filling and sealing holders for tokens, coins or the like patent, GB-1045609-A: Improved photographic materials patent, GB-1045913-A: Improvements in or relating to control gear for motor driven equipment patent, GB-1046004-A: Improvements to illuminated signs patent, GB-1046331-A: Improvements in or relating to methods of making belt conveyors patent, GB-1046633-A: Accumulator conveyors patent, GB-1046875-A: Improvements relating to hydraulic braking patent, GB-1048091-A: Improvements in or relating to fog lamps patent, GB-1048574-A: Pulse-doubling relay circuit patent, GB-1048885-A: Apparatus for and method of supporting glass sheets patent, GB-1049321-A: Electrically semi-conductive vitreous body patent, GB-1049376-A: patent, GB-1049566-A: Improvements in or relating to aircraft instrument correction patent, GB-104966-A: Improved Centrifugal Blower or Fan. patent, GB-1050385-A: patent, GB-105039-A: Improvements in and relating to Submergible Vessels. patent, GB-1051446-A: patent, GB-1051944-A: patent, GB-1052200-A: patent, GB-1052494-A: patent, GB-1053573-A: patent, GB-1054086-A: patent, GB-1054133-A: patent, GB-1054170-A: patent, GB-1054192-A: patent, GB-1054640-A: patent, GB-1056267-A: Improvements relating to gas-cushion vehicles patent, GB-1056524-A: New reactive disazo dyestuffs and metal complexes thereof and processes for their manufacture and use patent, GB-1057785-A: Photosensitive compositions patent, GB-1057812-A: Process for preparing improved polypropylene synthetic fibres patent, GB-1058097-A: Fastener assemblies and fastener members forming part of such assemblies patent, GB-1059095-A: Interferential vaccines patent, GB-1059137-A: Electrophotographic recording members and processes of preparing same patent, GB-1059315-A: Ferroelectric ceramic compositions patent, GB-1059405-A: 5,7-substituted-5-norbornene-2,3-dicarboximides and related compounds patent, GB-1059633-A: n-stable circuit arrangement patent, GB-1060145-A: Improvements in bracelets patent, GB-1060628-A: Dynamo electrical machines patent, GB-106066-A: Improvements in Sugar-cane Mill Housings. patent, GB-1061730-A: Apparatus for baling hay, straw or the like patent, WO-2005103506-A1: Anchoring clamp which is locked with a split bushing patent, GB-1062605-A: Fuel additive for internal combustion machines patent, GB-1063622-A: Air conditioning refrigeration systems in vehicles patent, GB-1064102-A: Improvements relating to electrodes for electric arc welding of cast iron patent, GB-1065100-A: High temperature niobium base alloys patent, GB-1065731-A: Apparatus for producing a uniform tobacco stream or filler patent, GB-1065820-A: Time switch mechanism patent, GB-1065861-A: Improvements in and relating to seat tracks patent, GB-1066016-A: Recovery of tantalum, niobium and titanium from low grade sources patent, GB-1066940-A: Improvements in or relating to telegraphy systems and apparatus therefor patent, GB-1069693-A: Process for the manufacture of polymeric shaped articles dyed in the mass patent, GB-1070069-A: Improvements relating to multi-cell electric storage batteries patent, GB-107016-A: patent, GB-1070395-A: Circuit arrangement with an image-converter tube or image-amplifying tube patent, GB-1070521-A: Improvements relating to apparatus for applying powder patent, GB-1071872-A: Improvements in dispensing apparatus patent, GB-1072179-A: Improvements in apparatus for forming glassware patent, GB-1073112-A: Optical viewing system for electron beam welders patent, GB-1073353-A: Improvements relating to coated electrodes for arc welding patent, GB-1073849-A: New derivatives of octa-2,7-diene patent, GB-1074166-A: Improvements in reciprocating hydraulic pumps and motors patent, GB-1075211-A: Improved bathroom appliance patent, GB-1076084-A: Embossing machines patent, GB-1076861-A: Electronic signalling apparatus patent, GB-1076897-A: Process for preparing high molecular homo-polymerizates and co-polymerizates of alpha-methyl-styrene patent, GB-1077800-A: Dialkyl substituted piperidyl dioxanes and dioxolanes patent, GB-1078150-A: Improvements in tungsten-base alloys patent, GB-1079952-A: An instrument for measuring the quality of curved surfaces patent, GB-1079963-A: Continuous polyamide polymerization process patent, GB-1080494-A: New bisanilide compounds and methods for their production patent, GB-1080768-A: A container for holding respiratory apparatus patent, GB-1081023-A: Partitioning for shelves, trays and drawers patent, GB-1081035-A: A metering faucet patent, GB-1081153-A: Improved two-stroke internal combustion engine patent, GB-1081205-A: Friction hinge for windows and the like patent, GB-1081322-A: Refrigerator patent, GB-1081648-A: Tanning process patent, GB-1082539-A: Improved cage for roller or needle bearings patent, GB-1082666-A: A rotary press inking arrangement patent, GB-1082969-A: Acrylamide copolymer dispersions patent, GB-1083020-A: Machine for the grinding of grain milling rolls patent, GB-1083283-A: Vortex separator patent, GB-1083481-A: Method for producing helical or annular formations in plastics patent, GB-1083653-A: A one way or overrunning clutch with a drive wheel or the like mounted on an overrunning shaft patent, GB-1084901-A: Heat exchanger for heating either water or air patent, GB-108504-A: Apparatus for Reducing More or Less Viscid Material in Bulk to the Condition of a Layer or Film. patent, GB-1085050-A: Process for the production of layers of the two-component superconducting intermetallic compounds vanadium-gallium or niobium-gallium patent, GB-1085492-A: Improvements in adjustable louvres patent, GB-1085526-A: Improvements relating to controlled transformers patent, GB-1086443-A: Cigarette patent, GB-1087216-A: Soil conductivity gradient detector (and deep-searching metal detector) patent, GB-1087752-A: Image-analyzing storage tubes patent, GB-1088738-A: Improvements in or relating to life-saving vessels patent, GB-1088811-A: Method and apparatus for underwater irradiation of substances patent, GB-1089580-A: Method for impregnating superconducting magnetic coils patent, GB-1089806-A: Bridge or elevated roadway which can be dismantled patent, GB-1090547-A: Process for the preparation of thoria sols patent, GB-1090843-A: Business bonus card patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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