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CN-1892989-A: 用于制作具有栅的半导体器件的方法 patent, CN-1893357-A: System and method for switching over automatically among multiple group network tranceivers patent, CN-1893798-A: 平面显示设备 patent, CN-1893821-A: 受体 patent, CN-1894003-A: Photodynamic therapy for local adipocyte reduction patent, CN-1894156-A: Method to test the hermeticity of a sealed cavity micromechanical device and the device to be so tested patent, CN-1894865-A: 用于外环功率控制的方法和系统 patent, CN-1895062-A: Fixing structure for filter of electric oven patent, CN-1896129-A: 一种耐磨合成橡胶材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-1896159-A: 用于彩色滤光片应用的绿色印刷油墨 patent, CN-1896496-A: 串接式垂直轴风电机组 patent, CN-1897296-A: 有机电致发光器件及其制造方法 patent, CN-1898077-A: 能量有效的建筑表面 patent, CN-1898497-A: Lignting device patent, CN-1898975-A: 到达时间差(tdoa)/全球定位系统(gps)混合无线定位系统 patent, CN-1899017-A: 可分离杂物的脱粒机 patent, CN-1899193-A: Dish washing machine patent, CN-1901173-A: 芯片封装结构 patent, CN-1901182-A: Semiconductor element, method of manufacturing semiconductor element, multi-layer printed circuit board, and method of manufacturing multi-layer printed circuit board patent, CN-1901452-A: Multi-level and multi-factor security credentials management for network element authentication patent, CN-1901819-A: 功能性压缩袜 patent, CN-1903178-A: 一种马来酸桂哌齐特粉针剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-1904149-A: 快速加热分解有机硅氧烷制备氧化硅纳米线的方法 patent, WO-2005059330-A2: Variable crankshaft patent, CN-1904226-A: 一种可回收土钉墙基坑围护施工方法 patent, CN-1905024-A: Objective lens holding device and usage thereof patent, CN-1905468-A: Communication method, communication system, and communication terminal patent, CN-1905604-A: Cell phone value increasing service scheme implemented by mutual coordination of cell phone interconnected services patent, CN-1906703-A: 限制施加在核反应堆燃料组件上的支承载荷的方法及燃料组件 patent, CN-1906723-A: Protective switch device comprising a differential current triggering device patent, CN-1908724-A: 光束扫描装置以及图像形成设备 patent, CN-1909245-A: Semiconductor structure with improved on resistance and breakdown voltage performance patent, CN-1909292-A: 基板用电连接器 patent, CN-1909379-A: Analog-to-digital converter with reduced power consumption in cmos image sensor patent, CN-1909422-A: Receiver for an optical signal patent, CN-1909453-A: Gateway/bridge basing spy software invading-proof method patent, CN-1909736-A: Method and system for random switch-in of user equipment patent, CN-1910100-A: Coverlay film laminating device patent, CN-1910187-A: Triaza-cyclopenta [cd] indene derivatives patent, CN-1910937-A: Volumetric display patent, CN-1911150-A: 移动卡具及其制造方法 patent, CN-1911303-A: 一种治疗急性睾丸炎的汤剂药物及制备方法 patent, CN-1911883-A: Synthesis method of alpha phenyl ethanol patent, CN-1913613-A: Hdmi线缆接口 patent, CN-1914685-A: Improved storage capacity configuration patent, CN-1915073-A: 一种青麦粒食品的制备方法 patent, CN-1915325-A: 一种治疗心脏病的药物 patent, CN-1915528-A: 永磁干式磁选机 patent, CN-1916412-A: 复合液压节能控制系统 patent, CN-1916772-A: 剥离剂 patent, CN-1916988-A: 汽车防盗装置 patent, CN-1917311-A: Heat sink of encapsulation through high frequency in use for semiconductor laser modulated by electrical absorption patent, CN-1917360-A: Motor controller and control method thereof, and error detecting apparatus of inverter patent, CN-1918226-A: 增塑聚烯烃组合物 patent, CN-1919505-A: Method of manufacturing the snznnicu solder powder and the snznnicu solder powder patent, CN-1919929-A: 尼龙6/无机粒子/聚对苯二甲酸丙二酯纳米复合材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-1920717-A: Method for sharing semiconductive machine and manufacture system using same patent, CN-1920978-A: 信息获取设备 patent, CN-1921092-A: Semiconductor device, lead frame and electronic equipment using the semiconductor device patent, CN-1921323-A: Cdma信号多用户检测接收器 patent, CN-1921929-A: 具有改进的分离性能的高通量渗析膜 patent, CN-1922888-A: 图像编码方法、图像解码方法、图像编码装置、图像解码装置、图像编码程序和图像解码程序 patent, CN-1923048-A: 一种黑鱼食品的加工方法 patent, CN-1923124-A: Dish-washing machine and controlling method therefor patent, CN-1923154-A: Blood vessel support bracket with little tissue prolapsus after implantation patent, CN-1923196-A: Medicinal composition containing l-ornidazole and its application patent, CN-1923422-A: Steamer generator stator core welding deformation controlling means patent, CN-1924212-A: 一种现浇钢筋砼成孔用构件 patent, CN-1924390-A: Automobile spiral spring buffer patent, CN-1925494-A: 一种基于行为特征的网页木马检测方法 patent, CN-1926119-A: Sulphonamide substituted triazines as chemokine receptor modulators patent, CN-1926629-A: 记录设备、编辑设备、数字视频记录系统、以及文件格式 patent, CN-1926973-A: 一种在青藏高原快速繁育蝠蛾虫卵的方法 patent, CN-1927717-A: Subsider feeding device patent, CN-1928586-A: RTK-GPS technique based high altitude measuring device and method thereof patent, CN-1928702-A: 投影装置 patent, CN-1928917-A: Digital watermark embedding apparatus and method, and digital watermark detection apparatus and method patent, CN-1928994-A: 掩膜形成方法及信息记录媒体制造方法 patent, CN-1929082-A: 环门极镇流结构的平板显示器及其制作工艺 patent, CN-1929166-A: Anode material for lithium water cell and sodium water cell patent, CN-1929199-A: 带有信号传输装置的自动中心缓冲连接器 patent, CN-1929743-A: 油基悬浮剂浓缩液 patent, CN-1929833-A: Hm74的氧杂十氢萘调节剂 patent, CN-1930853-A: 便携式终端设备 patent, CN-1931183-A: 一种用于降血压的海洋功能食品 patent, CN-1931780-A: Light energy-saving heat-insulating wall material patent, CN-1931986-A: Biological process of converting sugar-containing solution into perfume for cigarette patent, CN-1933862-A: Pre-filled syringe patent, CN-1933937-A: 一种宝石加工方法 patent, CN-1934355-A: 高压泵装置 patent, CN-1934614-A: 包括可调整光源的显示装置 patent, CN-1935061-A: 蚕砂药物保健蚕丝被 patent, CN-1935210-A: 一种用于治疗疔的药酒 patent, CN-1936083-A: Corrosion resistant alkaline water electrolytic hydrogen-preparing apparatus container patent, CN-1936317-A: Control device for water-storing tank force-intensifying efficient generating electricity patent, CN-1936826-A: 图像形成装置和图像形成方法 patent, CN-1938149-A: Lined vessels for conveying chemicals patent, CN-1938367-A: 包含聚轮烷的聚合物材料、及其制造方法 patent, CN-1938465-A: 喂纱装置 patent, CN-1938691-A: Arbitration system having a packet memory and method for memory responses in a hub-based memory system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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